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Just Bee-Cause
Lit from Within!
Near and dear to Just Bee is the Christmas Box House, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that supports abused and neglected children.

Christmas Box International and the Christmas Box House, were inspired by the book The Christmas Box, which celebrates love for children. Christmas Box International provides services around the United States and the world to improve the quality of life for children who have been abused or neglected.

The Christmas Box House provides transitional shelter for children removed from abusive homes. Children stay at the Christmas Box House before going on to foster homes or before returning to their own homes once they are safe.

The Christmas Box House additionally serves as a one-stop assessment center where children receive mental, emotional and physical care in a loving, home-like environment. they also receive badly needed new clothing and incidentals. 

children's charity
Just Bee's Lori Mertz
and her father Ted Mertz

In keeping with Just Bee’s bee-lief in win-win-win scenarios, 20% of the proceeds from sales at the Just Bee launch event held on November 14, 2007 in Newport Beach, California were donated to the Christmas Box House, as well as a box of Just Bee merchandise.

I wish the Christmas Box House had existed when I took in three foster children of my own in May, 1995. They arrived at my home in Salt Lake City with all their clothes and possessions fitting in one small box. The state provided me just $163 per child for new wardrobes (bathing suits to snow suits).

With Just Bee I can now support the Christmas Box House in a whole new way; new clothing for infants, toddlers and teens to touch, move & inspire. Reminders that they are perfect, whole and lit from within!

To learn more about the Christmas Box House and Christmas Box International, visit their website at TheChristmasBoxHouse.org.

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