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conscious clothing

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Just Bee's policy is to create products that we love and feel good about; well made, flattering, comfortable, special, conscious products.

Equally important to Just Bee is our customers and vendors and their experience(s). It is our policy to provide the greatest service and customer care possible to each and every customer at each and every moment.

We love and bee-lieve in our products and messages and want everyone who comes into contact with Just Bee to also be touched, moved and inspired, to feel the magic, to be lit from within.

So, we take it one step, one call, one person at a time, giving each inquiry – each sale – our fullest energy, attention and focus.

We are excited to bee hear now and to have you grow with us!

The environment is all over the news these days. While we cannot find the one "right" answer with respect to the environment or manufacturing or fabrics or, or, or, here's what we think.

Just Bee believes first and foremost in the practice of "reduce, reuse and recycle."

Reduce: Just Bee does its best to make conscious, well-thought out decisions to leave no trace and do no harm, reducing waste to the best of our ability on all levels. Reduce waste, unnecessary travel, overpackaging, etc. No paper or plastic here; we take our own canvas bags to the store.

Reuse: Just Bee is a big bee-liever in reusing. When and where ever possible, Just Bee reuses items at least twice; boxes, bags, packing materials, you name it.

Recently, a friend who owns a magical door knob business recently asked us where we purchased our recycled boxes for shipping. I said we didn't, which surprised her. To date Just Bee has never purchased a box for shipping. Instead, we reuse boxes we've either received stuff in, or collected out of the alley, or rescued from the cardboard recycling bin at our printers, or... Recycled products are great, but isn't it better to keep stuff out of the trash, recycling bins and landfills in the first place? We think so.

Even Just Bee coffee grinds have a second life – in our garden and compost pile! Roses and tomatoes especially love coffee grinds. Coffee grinds absorb and hold moisture, repel pests (slugs and snails hate coffee grinds), the worms love 'em and they fertilize the soil among other things. (We also save egg shells for our garden!)

Recycle:  Of course. Anything that can't be reused, gets recycled.

Peace 'n' bee,

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