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belts - hummingbird $50.00
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spread life!
represent love & joy

choice of leather belt. available in 30", 32" or 34" waist in distressed black, brown, red or white leather. (scroll all the way down to order)

hummingbirds rock!

hummingbirds aren’t merely beautiful jewel-like creatures we crane our necks to see – they spread life! Like butterflies, bees and beetles, they are pollinators.

this is no small matter. consider: pollinators make possible the fruits and vegetables we eat, the cotton we grow for our clothes and the ground cover plants that hold our homes together by preventing erosion. they bring life to all the flowers, trees and plants in forests, grasslands and jungles – those vast ecosystems that provide habitat for animals and humans alike, and produce life-giving oxygen for the planet.

a single hummingbird – a tiny creature weighing slightly more than a penny – can visit a single flower in less than a second.  In just 15 minutes that can add up to 200 blooms.

many people believe
have magical qualities!

for millennia, hummingbird feathers have been used in love charms to open the heart. because an open and loving heart is necessary to taste all the nectar of life, hummingbirds are believed to conjure love like no other.

people who feel a special connection to hummingbirds love life in all its forms.  they are loved themselves for bringing joy merely through their presence.  they know instinctively where beauty abides and move comfortably within a beautiful environment, helping others to also taste the succulent nectar of life!

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