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• Just Bee
Wearable, sendable reminders of who we really are;
perfect, whole & lit frOM within!!
On purpose; for a purpose! • Always, all ways!

Ignite your Light!

conscious clothing

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custom art/commissions

To spark some creative ideas, below are some CUSTOM/COMMISSION designs.

It's a collaborative process where I work with you to create a special one-of-a-kind peace.

Every peace created is different bee-cause everyone is special and unique!

These make incredible gifts for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduation or just bee-cause ;). Any occasion, really!

1 - Graduation

2 - Birthday Invitation

2 - Gift - Birthday

3 - Gift - Birthday

4 - Gift - Birthday

5 - Start

6 - Going Away - Friend

7 - Thank You

8 - Thank You

9 - I See You

A - Book Cover

B - Book Cover

Beta Foster Care

Beta Foster Care 2

Beta Foster Care 3

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