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Why the words you wear matter

There are good reasons to cover your body with delicious, empowering words! It’s been scientifically demonstrated that words have the ability to affect water molecules. Good vibrations – good vibes – create healthy patterns in water. healthy patterns in water support the magic of life.

Studies show that water taken from jars with the words love, gratitude and peace written on them form beautiful, complete snowflake-like crystals when frozen and photographed.

Did you know that your body is more than 70% water?

brain, more than 75% water
blood, more than 85% water
muscle, more than 75% water
bones, about 50% water
lungs, nearly 80% water, and
liver, an amazing 96% water!

Want to learn more about how you can affect your body through water?

Read The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto . In this and his many other books, Dr. Emoto explains how by holding an intention of love, joy, serenity or grace towards water in our bodies, that water can and will bring that intention to our bodies and, ultimately, to the world.

Now you know that what you think, say – and wear – affects the water you are made up of, your health and well-being!

What are you wearing?


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